Saturday, March 2, 2013

Deana Fitch

I have been reading the blogs and thinking about what I could do that would be a tribute to the family. I decided to take the jar with all of my spare change in it and count it up. It came to almost $50. With that amount in mind I went to and sponsored 2 people @ $25.00 each. What does is let you do small loans to needy people in other countries. They are small loans that help them buy chicken for eggs, goats for the milk, animals for food, clothing to sell, farming supplies to grow food, and on. I chose to sponsor someone in Haiti and someone in India. When the money is paid back I fully intend to reinvest in two more people. It is such a worthy cause and I thank you for prompting me to take that step. It has given me a great feeling inside. God bless you all.

Deana Fitch

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