Friday, March 15, 2013

Dawn Murray

Hello Cathy, Seth touched alot of people lives..I lost my husband when my daughter was 4 he was 31..& so my little acts of sethness Makes me feel happy I always like helping people..Even tho everyday for me is a struggle..but yesterday I help a new neighbor by bring all her boxes to the dumpster..& today as I was driving in to walmart ..I saw this elderly women walking. I bumped in to her in the store & she was freezing..So I asked her If I could give her a ride Home she lived 5 miles from walmart..she like I dont wanna hold you up.I have to shop & wanna buy a cup of tea..I told her about Seth..And I waited a hour for her to get all the stuff she needed..then I bought her a tea and carried all her stuff in her house..she was so Happy thanks for talking and remembering your child in a act of kindness : )

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