Thursday, March 7, 2013

Meghan KH

I'm on top a the worl' after my random (wasn't planned) act of sethness. I did not C the movie/read the book or where ever "it came from" but supported some 1 I hadn't seen in 40 yrs. today.
Thru her own dis-ease she cried out that "We all should treat each other w/respect, these things can B invisible (ADD, HIV/AIDs, IBS, Crones, Depression, whatever it might B)." She was in pain due to her infirmity AND being treated poorly around how it dis-abled her. I spoke off the cuff, as an ally to all humanity sayin that: "We all have a disability (in this world biased on love, even a predjice can B seen as a disease). Look inside yerself 2 ID one and you identify with all human-Kind. We all share this 'condition' as we walk the planet together so when that grumpy 1 "dised" U today & U "were entitled to" snap back with unkindness realize there is choice. We can spread the negativity into all of our field's of living -or- absorb it, pass on equanimity instead." /Or/ as my young brother did - go 1 step better, perform a random act of sethness.

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