Thursday, March 7, 2013

Aisha Mcclure

For my first Seth inspired act of kindness, I stopped at the store and picked up several baskets and filled them with puzzles, coloring books, and jump ropes. I dropped these off to my son Logan's school ( Side By Side Preschool in Chicopee). They were very thankful for the donation, and when I told them this act was inspired by Seth and asked them to keep them in their thoughts and prayers, I was told that his name would be added to the prayer lists for their respective churches! 

Oh Seth, you are so loved and even sick in that hospital bed, you are doing so much good and inspiring so many (including me) to make kindness a priority. As this page has shown, you have the whole world in your corner for this fight, we all love you and think so highly of you. Now hurry up and get well enough to post a funny status every morning!

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