Sunday, March 24, 2013

Vanessa Bassett

Still Praying for Seth!! I have a prayer chain in action for him!!! My kids and I did a act of kindness Seth inspired today.. We went to the store and bought groceries and donated to Lorianne's Soup Kitchen, and then when my husband gets home we are going to donate Hot Dogs to T.J. Oconnor. (I know its not bacon but close enough) Also Seth may not know me by my married last name. But we used to hangout when I went to TBC when we were little. I always remember hanging out when we would do our "Destination Unknown" trips and our all nighter's going to hockey games and all.. He always made me laugh and always a BLAST to be around.. We are praying for you Seth, Let God give those Doctors wisdom to know what needs to be done. I ask that God make all things work right in your body the way God intended them to work in Jesus Name Amen!! 

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