Thursday, March 7, 2013

Carol Soules

I was really blessed by the services for Seth today.  I’ve known the Machak family for over 20 years.  I hadn't seen much of Seth in the past couple of years but thru Cathy I had been keeping up on what eh was doing.  He was such a unique kid growing up; he was always aware of and caring for others, even from a very young age. In 3rd grad my daughter Jess was seriously ill from Lyme meningitis.  She had to have a IV shunt for weeks and had migraines for months.  Seth was in her class at VCS and he was very tuned in to her need for support and encouragement.  It was truly remarkable for a 3rd grader.  I will never forget it.  And, I know that sensitivity to others and ability to reach out and touch people only grew as he matured. What a gift!

Here’s 3 things that I’ve been inspired to do to honor Seth and that you can add to your blog. I hope to see the blog keep expanding!

    On Friday, I bought lunch for a friend who is a 2X cancer survivor. I knew she was having a really hectic day and would likely skip lunch.
    On Sunday I posted about Random Acts of Sethness on my fb page and then “promoted” the post so that lots of people would hear about this and be encouraged to do their own Random Acts of Sethness.
    On Tuesday I went on the Heifer Int’l website  and ordered bees and beekeeping instruction for someone in the developing world.  I know how Seth loved his bees. I have ofnd memories of donning the bee keeping gear and joining Mark and Cathy in smoking and checking them. And, I was gifted some of the honey too. It’s amazing!!

Love to you all,

Carol Soules

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