Saturday, March 23, 2013

Carrie Pelland

This page and the blog are so uplifting to read...I am a grad of SHHS and will be honest and mention that I dont remember Seth, but he was clearly a very special person and his honor being carried on through other's kind acts is just wonderfully profound. Social media brought his death and his legacy through acts down to me in South Carolina and I have been inspired to do what I can when I can. The act I wonder about the most was a pair of tickets to a pancake dinner that were given to me. I chose to give the tickets to a manager at the grocery store in the center of the city where I work to give to the first person they saw who looked like they needed them. (I am a police officer and most people would be skeptical of my giving them the tickets...that is why I gave them to the store manager). I pray a deserving person enjoyed the luxury of dinner being prepared for them at a restaurant in Seth's honor. God Bless!

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