Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jillian Plourd

Seth, it's been hard NOT to think about you in your fight for survival: I've thought about you putting bacon bits on my salad Wed & Thurs, for obvious reasons! When my one year old niece looked up at me on Thursday and said "I love you Guber" I thought- just wait until Merric can say this to his Uncle Seth! And I even thought of you when I was sitting at a table for 4 last night having a drink with a friend and waiting for our salsa chips to be brought to the table. A party of 4 came in and started looking around the very crowded restaurant for a table that could fit them. With out thinking I said "hi, you all can sit here, my friend and I will move down [to a 2 seated table a couple of tables away]." I began picking up our coats, coasters and drinks without hesitation as they smiled and thanked me repeatedly. It was a small random act of kindness, not even sure if it was Sethness enough, but still, I did it and I thought of you! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

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