Friday, March 15, 2013

Tracy Collins Wells

Cathy, I just got on Facebook and yours was the first posting I saw. Literally I just got in from time spent with my sister and friend at a restaurant . Before I left I told both of them Seth's story. there was a bus boy across from us and I called him over to share Seth's story with him. Told him about acts of SETHNESS and he told me how sorry he was!!! "Damon" was his name. In Seth's memory I gave him a 20 dollar bill. He said it was too much and wouldn't take it. I convinced him otherwise when I told him of all the kind and extravagant things people are and have done in Seth's honor. He said he'll
 remember Seth and how sorry he was!!! I'm sorry I couldn't be at Seth's wake. Sincerely with love, Tracy .

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