Friday, May 3, 2013

Deserie Scheinost

Just a simple little act of sethness...i was waiting, and waiting, and waiting,with my daughter at the urgent care in spfld the other day. A bit after we got there another couple came in with their little boy who was crying and obviously hurting, maybe 2 years old. When they finally called my daughters name to see the doc, she asked the nurse if the little boy could be taken first. I turned to her and said "an act of sethness.." She replied "yeah".

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Juli Adamchek

I went to an assisted living today and sat outside with several people living in the dementia unit. It was a beautiful day, and they so enjoyed being outside and having company. I enjoyed being with them, I will continue to visit

Nancy Anderson

I talked today with one of my best friends Nancy from Fredrickburg, Virginia; we have been friends for 37 years. She told me how she was in BJ's the other day buying food and a woman behind her kept giving her coupons for her order; the total came to $7.52 and she looked at my friend and said this is an Act of Sethness! My friend almost flipped and said to the woman that Seth mother and her had been long time friends. An AOS all the way in Virginia and for 2 folks to meet that both knew the Machak's. It really made my day to hear this. Thank you all for continuing the AOS; please keep them going. Love to All. Cathy

Marcia Mcphee

I purchased a little toy for a little boy standing behind me in line .. n no, thing 1 did not quite understand  it didn't go in our carriage .. he survived :;)

Ann Furnelli

I did an aos yesterday..., I was in the parking garage at work and walking in front of me was an elderly woman walking with a cane and just sobbing her heart out. Overcoming the desire to run by her ,I knew I was supposed to stop and spend the time to help her any way I could. I know Seth was looking down...

Carol Soules

Just donated to this young couple who were injured in the marathon bombing, as an Act of Seth-ness. I know he's smiling down on them

Heather Bushey

To all of my friends and family in Boston....please stay safe and know that we are all thinking of you! If you want a place to stay out of the city, you are always welcome to come stay with me

Lena Quinn

I just donated money in Seth's memory to the Celeste and Sydney Fund. They are a mother and daughter who were injured during the Boston Marathon bombing. Celeste lost both of her legs and Sydney has serious shrapnel injuries.