On February 18th, 2013 Seth Machak was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Waterbury Hospital in CT with life threatening pneumonia. Multiple complications have ensued from the pneumonia, leaving Seth in a prolonged state of critical condition. The news of Seth's illness spread quickly, and Facebook became flooded with messages of hope and prayers for Seth. A Facebook page was also set up called "Updates on Seth Machak", and within 1 hour of it going up hundreds of people were following it from all over the country. That number quickly grew to over 1000, and continues to climb. By February 21st, over 32,000 people had been reached through this Facebook page. Seth is an amazing young man with a contagious personality. He is kind. He is patient. He is selfless. He enjoys putting others before himself. He also loves bacon (a common theme throughout this blog). While Seth continues to fight for life, a movement has begun called "Random Acts of Kindness, Inspired by Seth" or better known as "Random Acts of Sethness". These are exactly what they sound like...random acts of kindness. Seth's family is reading these stories to Seth as he continues to fight for life in the ICU. If you feel inspired, please send us your story at, or post it to our facebook page here. Thank you for your support for Seth!

February 23rd, 2013
We are deeply saddened to say that Seth died at 1:30pm today, surrounded by his family. Please continue Random Acts of Sethness to keep his presence alive.

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  1. My church in Florida has been praying for Seth and his family. The woman at church who I have been emailing with updates was so moved by Seth's story that she asked God to give her an opportunity to perform an act of Sethness. The opportunity came at the gas station when someone approached her and needed money for gas. She helped in Seth's honor not knowing Seth but hearing this incredible story impacted her . She said "to God be the glory" as she ended her email to me. Your son's life has given me so much hope and faith that their still are so many people who are good and kind in this world. Ellen Archambault