Friday, March 15, 2013

Cathryn Christiansen McCormic

It's not much but I work as an Office Manager in Dental Office and we have the sweetest woman we started seeing as a patient in October. Then she got pneumonia in December, spent most of the month in the hospital, and had to be moved to a retirement home. Then about 1 month ago as she was starting to do better she had a stroke. She is now in a nursing home and she can't move very easily, although her speech is pretty good. Her friend called and asked if she could bring her in to adjust her dentures which were bothering her, instead the dentist and I went to the nursing home and made the adjustments for her. While we were there she was complaining about her hair not being done and her nails being a mess. Her friend told us it is too much for her to leave for those appointments at this point. Thus I arranged and paid to have a hair dresser go the nursing home to do her hair and nails. 
In honor of Seth T. Machak, - love you.

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