Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tracy Collins Wells

Today I left my purse at Dunkin donuts . I didn't realize it for 20 minutes. When I got back I asked the customer sitting next to the table I sat at if she had seen it. ? She smiled and said that she she found it and gave it to the girl behind the counter. I asked her if I could give her a hug !!!  then I offered her money but she was adamant about not taking it.!!! Later I went to a flea market and a sales person noticed that I looked sad. She mentioned it to my sister. She asked me to hold out my hands and then threw a silver bracelet she thought I would like into my hands. I gave her a huge hug too. It wasn't until I walked away that my sister told me what she had said about me looking sad! Two beautiful acts of kindness on a day that wasn't the best for me. I have a lot going on. Thank you God that we still have KIND and HONEST people in the world!!!

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