Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jody Trotman Babilonia

Our Random Act of Sethness came rather unexpectedly tonight. We had been discussing just the right Act we should do, and when we should do it, and perhaps how to involve others. There was lots of discussion you see. We wanted to do something Seth worthy. We were traveling home after having a nice dinner out with friends....I had a dirty martini in Seth's was good Seth, we'll share one soon....and we came upon a smaller pickup truck in a snow bank against the guard rail. The driver was in front of his vehicle kicking snow away from the front of his bumper, probably in attempts of getting his truck out. Apparently he slid on black ice and had scared himself pretty good. I turned to Marc and said we need to turn around, we need to help him. So we did. Out came the tow strap and away we pulled. Out of the snowbank that had wrapped itself around the bumpers and tires leapt the little truck! The driver was elated for our help, the pooch in the front seat was headed home and we were no worse for the wear. Upon leaving the snowbank, we both looked at each other and said that was alllll Seth, that was all Seth. Our Act of Sethness came out of nowhere, kind of like Seth's friendship. When you least expect it, the best things can happen. Forge ahead Seth. We will continue to love you to the MOON! Oh, and I will look forward to having a Dirty Martini with you.....we never did get to have one at Ichabods. Hurry up....I'm thirsty.

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