Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ashley Mae
During this past week I decided to clean out my closet in anticipation of Spring weather. While weeding out clothes that I had not wore in a while I decided that I would pass them on to a dear friend who would use them more then myself. Although it may sound like I just passed clothes along, this friend had just began a new career. I am hoping she will feel more confident all while looking good! In addition to this Act of Sethness another friend of mine was a victim of her house being robbed. I cannot replace the items that were stolen or take back what had happened, but I did leave her a card with some gift cards in it to help out a little.

One thing leads to another


Amy Sullivan You are a great person Ashley Mae!!!


Sarah Young-Aubrey My dad passed away a few years back. I have all of his belongings still in my basement. I don't have the large furniture anymore. But, anyone in need of any house hold items I am more than happy to donate. U name it i have it.


Jayne Brandalick I could use some household items! We're moving into a house soon and have next to nothing!


Updates on Seth Machak @ Sarah and Jayne - glad you connected; this is what it's all about. Cathy

                        Sarah Young-Aubrey What can u use? Inbox me

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