Friday, March 15, 2013

Heather Drake Parker

Yesterday l was at kmart at the cashier and the conveyor belt moved the items from the person behind me to the front before the cashier was done ringing me up. The gentleman behind me said "oh, are you going to buy those for me?" I answered "Depends if l have enough cash on me." "It just So happened", ( no divine intervention there right? Wrong! Totally Gods' timing) that he got a phone call at that moment and turned aside to talk so that he would not interfere between the cashier and me. I whispered to the cashier to ring these two flood lights up quickly before the man noticed. I was already done paying for them and gathering my belongings when the cashier told him they were paid for. The man looked at me in total shock and then said,
"Thank you!! Just yesterday l towed two people for no charge and said to them that some day someone would "Pay It Forward" to me. Little did l know it would be today." I told him "This is a Random Act of Sethness" and smiled and walked away. From behind me l heard him say, " Now l wonder who l could pay it forward to today".

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