Thursday, March 7, 2013

Melissa Quinn

Seth i told my boyfriend all about u and how awesome u are. Today we went to my moms to pick up our children and when we got there we realized that the plow had plowed half on the grass and half on the driveway. We could see where hers and everyone elses tires had made a muddy mess tearing up the lawn. Jessie got out and before he even went inside he started to shovel it. He shoveled three feet deep and about four feet back to widen the driveway. Anyway, point being it made me think of u and smile. You rub off on people that didnt even know u. All they have to do is hear about seth and it makes u want to do good things more often. I helped alittle. Had to get my act of sethness in for the day too. Miss you already.

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