Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sandra Hull-Hale

I enjoy doing "random acts of kindness", and doing so as a reminder of the 
those that Seth did for so many is a privilege.  I have endearing memories of a wonderful young man I was blessed to know, and the beautiful Christian family  to whom Seth's character can be attributed. 
This past week I had an opportunity to attend an 'open house' at a nearbyfarm that houses rescue horses, those who almost were slaughtered, others
abused, some starved…..  Some of these horses, once trusting again, are used to help autistic children connect emotionally.  
I learned that the owners of this farm allow some volunteer's to groom the horses and do other chores for the horses, also a way to give back to the owners for their grace and ministry. As I inquired about helping, I automatically thought of "acts of Sethness".  I'm not sure if Seth liked horses, but whether or not, I can hear Seth saying, "Great! Giddyap!"  

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