Friday, February 22, 2013

Urooj Kahn

Random act of sethness...
I was at the gas station in Chicopee today around 10:30 pm, and while I was pumping gas, there was a couple looking for change in their car. The lady came up to me and introduced herself as Kelly and said she's completely out of gas and was scared to be stuck and asked for 3 dollars because she thought she could make it to Westfield with that much. I asked her to hold on, went inside and put 10 dollars on her pump and told her. She was so thankful and happy. We've all been in a position like that, so I thought it was time to pay it forward.
I don't personally know Seth, but my sister and many of my friends do. I've heard so many great things about him and it breaks my heart to hear what he's going through. He's in my thoughts and prayers, along with his family and friends. ♥

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