Friday, February 22, 2013

Karah Helena

Dear Seth and family and friends,
Today I have 2 acts of kindness in honor of seth and his recovery, 1 from my father and 1 for myself.
While in a rush at the gas station filling up his tank my father noticed a man who had gotten in an accident and his front bumper was hanging off and he was struggling to get air in his tire. my father took the time to tie the mans bumper back on with some wire and fill up his tire for him when he saw him struggling he would like me to devote this random act of kindness to you.

Also, while driving a few minutes ago I noticed a little elderly woman struggling to get a shopping cart of groceries down the snow covered side walk. I pulled over and ask her if she would like some help and she was very grateful, I hope to get the shopping cart down the sidewalk up to her house and then helped her get the groceries inside. while helping her she told me stories about her day and she seems to really appreciate the help, I will keep on the lookout for more things I can do to help others and I hope you continue to make improvements seth. we are all pulling for you XO

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