Thursday, February 21, 2013

Brian Abair

My seth inspired act of kindness.... i have taken it upon myself to setup an account in seths name and all donations will go directly to him and the family to help with groceries, bills, medical needs, ect...ect.... once he is out all funds from it will go directly to him and his needs. i will repost all the details below. there is also a google email account setup for anyone that wants to leave a personal message or any words of encouragement or anything at all for him a la the google commercial which will also be turned over to him once he is well and able.

I'm going to repost this again to remind everyone about it. donate what you can. if you setup a paypal account through the ipod or android app it only take 2 mins.

For those of us who went to school with Seth T. Machak and knew him, I have taken it upon myself to setup a donation account for him to help with medical costs and any other expenses that maybe needed to help him after this is over. The address to send it to is through paypal. I'am not taking a dime of this all proceeds will go directly to Seth or his family to help with any and all that is needed. We all want to help and I figured this Is the best way that I could. If you want to write a personal message to Seth, you can send it directly to the gmail none of it will be read by me. I will be turning over the accounts to him once he is healed and home where he should be. Every little bit helps a penny, a quarter, a dollar, it doesn't matter no amount is too small. When something happens to one of our class it happens to all of us and this has hit me hard so this is my way of helping. So please if you can donate anything know that it is all for a good cause.

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