Friday, February 22, 2013

Angela L. Garvin

My Random Act of Sethness:

Today, at the extended care skills facility that I'm interning at for nursing school, I tendered request for an Alzheimer's Patient. After reviewing her files, I read that she copes by embracing her spiritual faith as a Baptist and through music. After introducing myself, I asked her if I could play her some music while I did her physical assessment. She welcomed this... when I asked what kind of music she liked, I got a blank stare. In keeping with the theme of "Seth inspired", I suggested we be serenaded with some Sinatra, joking that music these days just wasn't what it used to be! My patient often grasped my hand and gave it a squeeze, and put her other hand over her heart and smiled throughout the hour I spent with her. It really made me stop and think about how many patients I've nursed with my skills, but not quite made a connection with. What would Seth do? I predict he would have swung her around the dance floor. But for one hour this afternoon, in Seth's spirit, I gave a woman that lives in a unvarying state of ambiguity a sense of reminiscence and companionship.

Love you Seth. I'm praying for you every hour of every day. xo

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