Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Llana Barron

Our Ongoing Acts of Sethness:
Since we lost Seth, every single time I see an elderly person in need of assistance, I feel compelled to help. These moments just happen, and there have been quite a few of them. My husband, Matt, has been doing the same. I never really noticed them before, to be honest. And now my heart suddenly aches for them, and I really want to help. I helped a cute elderly man reach something at the grocery store he couldn't. I've held many doors for little elderly ladies. Matt has guided a few elderly women to their cars at shopping plazas and restaurants, and I can't tell you how many great conversations I've had with a number of other awesome elderly folks. I also spent some time with my 80 year old neighbor, a widow who lives alone and doesn't have much family near by. We talked and talked about her life, the past, the history she's been a part of. It was all so lovely. We both cheered each other up, I think. I feel like I inherited a part of Seth that LOVED the elderly with all his heart. I hope I can continue that love moving forward.

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