Tuesday, April 30, 2013

John Bachelor Sr.

Although all my life I was taught to be kind to others with acts of kindness, today I continue to do these acts as acts of Sethness. I don't share everything I do on a daily basis because I just do these because I was raised by my parents to be kind to others. I decided I would post my AOS for today. While coming out of my apartment to walk my dog this morning, a representative of the Electric Co was pounding on my neighbors door looking to collect a payment or shut the poor woman's electric off. Knowing the woman has been very sick lately and seeing that her car was not in the driveway, I asked the man if he would give me some time to contact the poor woman before disconnecting her utilities. He told me he would give me until noon and if she either did not contact customer service to make arrangements to pay her bill or pay her bill by noon he would have to come back and disconnect her services. I was unable to reach the woman and not knowing where she was or what time she would be back, I went to the Electric Co and inquired about what I could do to help her make arrangements. Because I was not her I was not allowed to do this and not wanting her services to be shut off I asked how much the bill was. At first the woman said she couldn't give me that information but when I said I wanted to pay her late fees due the woman allowed me to pay $171.34 in past due payments. I don't know if the woman will have this money but I just couldn't see letting this woman's utilities be turned off after knowing she has been very sick for some time now. I figured she has been going through enough lately.... so that was my AOS for today

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